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Haunted Savannah

Pub Crawl

Meet in Madison Square at 7:30 pm, we begin a haunted walk through the city stopping along the way to enjoy a variety of pubs and their stories.  Reservations are preferred.

All participants must be 21 years old or older. 

$35 per guest, private tours  also available, 

call to book or book now!  OR call about our combination tours!


Cigar Crawl ~ Rogues, Rascals & Heroes

Purchase a cigar or bring your own...

Stop at a local pub for a drink as we stroll

through Savannah's Landmark Historic District.

As we stroll learning the rich history of Savannah's Rogues, Rascals and Heroes!

All participants must be 21 years old or older.

Cemeteries Extraordinaire...From Burial Grounds to Cemeteries, Savannah Beauty!


Walking Tour #1  Historic District Burial Grounds and Cemeteries  90 minute tour


The mystery of Savannah, we are a Colonial City built on top of our dead.  Learn the difference between a burial ground and a cemetery...that will explain a lot!  Visit the home of Potter's Field, a middle class burial ground that's runs along side of the Slavery Burial Grounds. Next you'll roll up to Colonial Park Cemetery, this was one of the first cemeteries in Savannah.  The history is quite unique!  From there move onto the first burial ground and cemetery on Wright Square, know that many of the bodies were never moved from that area... Next, to the land where the Jewish Cemetery was to lay, this was the edge of town at that time and now in the middle.  As Savannah grew so did our cemetery history!


Walking Tour #2  Bonaventure Cemetery  90 minutes


Colonial Park closed for burials in 1853, our Victorian Cemeteries began to arrive.  Bonaventure Cemetery is located near Historic District Savannah, this beautiful showplace cemetery is the resting place of many famous people and stunning architectural eras. 


Walking Tour #3  Laurel Grove Cemetery  90 minutes


Laurel Grove Cemetery is considered to be a hidden gem in Savannah, this cemetery was built at the same time Bonaventure Cemetery was built, but is quite different and interesting.  Many of the local Savannah historians are buried in Laurel Grove, several Mayors and lots of military heroes.


This combo can include any of these tours, pick your favorite 2 or 3 for the best deal!


Pick 2 tours for $60 per person or all 3 for $90 per person.  2 tours can possibly be done the same day, 3 tours may take 2 days.

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