Haunted Savannah

Pub Crawl

Meet in Madison Square at 7:30 pm, we begin a haunted walk through the city stopping along the way to enjoy a variety of pubs and their stories.  Reservations are preferred.

All participants must be 21 years old or older. 

$25 per guest, private tours  also available, 

call to book or book now!

Cigar Crawl ~ Rogues, Rascals & Heroes

Purchase a cigar or bring your own...

Stop at a local pub for a drink as we stroll

through Savannah's Landmark Historic District.

As we stroll learning the rich history of Savannah's Rogues, Rascals and Heroes!

All participants must be 21 years old or older.

Laurel Grove Cemetery ~

The Hidden Gem

A walking tour in Laurel Grove cemetery connects you to the history of Savannah.  Built in Victorian times, this cemetery houses the wealthiest person in Savannah, at that time, and also the poorest! 


Learning the history of how the cemetery began, the famous local residents that reside there, the beautiful funerary art, the iron work and vast symbolism.  This cemetery is hidden, but certainly not forgotten. 


A great tour for Girl Scouts, learning about the strong women in Savannah buried within her gates, Juliette Gordon Low, Nina Pape, Mary Marshall, to name a few...  Also view the Confederate Soldier gravesides with Silence watching over them.

Call to book your tour or book now!

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